Never jump at a first offer, when a first proposal is made, your answer should depend on whether it is a rational offer

            Since it is customary practice for insurance adjusters to start discussions by first presenting a very small settle­ment amount or occasionally deny ­liability in general. With this approach, the adjuster is trying to find out whether you understand what your claim value is and to see if you are so ­impatient to get some money that you will take any amount.

Get the adjuster to justify a low offer.

            Do not instantly lessen the amount you put in your demand letter. Instead ask the adjuster to give you the detailed reasons why the proposal is so low. Make annotations of the discussion. Then write down a concise letter responding to each of the factors the adjuster has mentioned. The adjuster should now make you a sensible offer upon which you will be able to negotiate and arrive at a fair final settlement figure.

Settle in a certain amount in mind in your agreement demand letter

            You should figure out a range of what you believe your claim is worth, decide on a lowest amount figure in that range that you would agree to. This amount is for your own information. But once the numbers and negotiations start going back and forth, it helps if you already have your lowest amount in mind. nevertheless, you do not have to cling to the figure you originally set for yourself.

You should emphasize emotional points in your favor

            At some point in negotiations, state any emotional points sustaining your claim. For example, you have shown the adjuster a particularly strong photo of a destroyed vehicle or a big accidents ­injury you should refer to it. Even though there is no way to put a dollar value on these factors, they can be very influential in getting an insurance company to settle an accident claim.

Do not lessen your demand

more than once until you have a new offer from the adjuster. Never reduce your demand twice without an overruling bigger offer from the adjuster because it is basically not good bargaining.

Be Acquainted when to Employ a Legal Aid

            If at some point you feel negotiations are not going as you’d hoped, you may think about talking to a lawyer. A lawyer should be consulted when you are demanding compensation for severe injuries, pain and suffering beyond a few thousand dollars. You are seeking future damages. There is a question of fault.

Always put the agreement in writing

When you and the adjuster at last be in agreement on a number, you should right away authenticate the agreement in a letter to the adjuster. The letter can be short and sweet.

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